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Prowler In The Yard

169 NOK

The gruesome cover art adorning PROWLER IN THE YARD pales in comparison to the carnage inflicted by the music itself. Though it's Pig Destroyer's first proper full-length, they already had enough material behind them to have released a collected ... Full Descriptiondiscography, as well as the devastating chops and experience of a veteran act. After the disturbing, computer-voiced intro, "Jennifer," Pig Destroyer turns on the gas and never lets up for the rest of the album. But whereas grindcore famously ignores traditional songcraft in favor of land-speed record drumming and flurries of guitar noise, Pig Destroyer has taken the time to develop powerfully structured songs. "Mapplethorpe Grey" barely cracks a minute, but its micro-mini electric blues riffs and stop-start breakdowns can snap necks; the slower, grinding "Starbelly" steamrolls through its epic-length five-plus minutes; and the closer, "Piss Angel," employs metallic crunch and high-pitched squall along with J.R. Hayes's raw-throated screams for maximum effect.