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Blessed Black Wings

169 NOK

Since his early days as the creative engine behind the legendary band Sleep, guitarist-howler Matt Pike has--probably more than any other single artist--brought doom metal out of the shadows. With BLESSED BLACK WINGS, the sophomore release by ... Full Descriptionhis jacked-up Sleep sequel High On Fire, Pike--without sacrificing his metal cred one iota--continued to burrow into the ranks of indie kids who wanted to raise devil horns, too. Almost explicitly bridging metal and indie worlds, the Oakland trio featured former Melvin Joe Preston on bass and tapped alt-producer to the stars, Steve Albini, to man the board. Albini crystallizes High On Fire's wall of riffage on BLESSED BLACK WINGS sharpening their bong-friendly fuzz with brutal clarity. Every track is a monster. The lead-off "Devilution," the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired "Cometh Down Hessian," and the epic title cut each manifest the Sabbath-on-PCP speed, volume, and intensity that placed the trio among doom's most creative, inspiring acts.