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ORMEYNGEL Feb 23rd 2009

Bygde-Norges verste hemmelighet DRUGGED SS fyrer av seks spor illsint støyete hardcore punk om forakten for den norske hardcore-scenen og livet generelt. Intenst og fullpakka med feedback fra denne Setesdal-trioen.

Eller som Maximumrocknroll sier det:

THis is one of the most ominous and threatening hardcore demos I've heard since POLLUTION'S tapes. Hailing from the land of fjords and second-wave black metal, DRUGGED SS (great band name for a Norsk band, eh?) play raw, dirty, no-frills hardcore and they play it well. Early Rollins-era BLACK FLAG, NEGATIVE APPROACH and RORSCHACH would all be good reference points for their sound. I wish there were some lyrics here; the writing in the insert is just dripping with venom and disgust, and from what I can make out the songs are pretty hateful as well. I would strongly advice obtaining this by hook or by crook