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Shadow of Events

DEKORDER Jul 30th 2011
179 NOK

Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist and musician operating out of Oslo; having graduated from celebrated improv collective ARM, he's collaborated with the likes of Svarte Greiner, Lasse Marhaug and Tape. He arrives now on the ever-compelling Dekorder label with a terrific new album, Shadow Of Events, which manages to sound at once self-generating and grievously composed. The title indicates the kind of liminal, melancholic space that Rishaug's music inhabits, and opening track 'H Icon' sets the reflective tone, stately piano sequences swimming shyly in a warm sea of crackle and reverb - imagine Harold Budd as produced by Pole and you're in the right flotation tank. With their sustained organ tones and looming, elegiac strings, 'Drawing A Day', 'Garden Memories' and 'Things That Disappear' suggest a beatless GAS or William Basinski on a dawn-lit country ramble. The whole album has real presence and a grounded, naturalistic quality enhanced by its liberal deployment of field recordings - insect chatter, rainfall, the creak of antique furniture. To listen intently is to be transported to a wood-cabin deep in the forest with nowt but your memories and the burr of nature for company. Rarely is “ambient” music this visceral, and poised so beautifully between rapture and despair.