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Demo 2012

ORMEYNGEL Feb 19th 2013

Straight outta Sandnes, Norway comes the furious Töxik Death. This 5 song demo tape does not hold back. Totally killer evil fucked up metal the way it should be! Now back in print and avaiable again courtesy of Ormeyngel!

'Holy fuck, I haven't been this stoked for a demo since I heard Antichrist Blasphemies (which is actually an EP but fuck you) by Morbid Insulter of Sweden. Right off the get go Töxik Death stomps your skull with Thrashforces of Evil, raw crossover thrash that seems to have no interest in being pigeon holed as they weave in and out with some sweet influences. When your sound shares resemblance to Noia, Morbid Insulter, Barbarian, or Volcanic Slut you're doing every fucking thing right.' - severed heads open minds