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Runaljod - Yggdrasil LTD Picture Disc

299 NOK

4 years after its original release, Runaljod – Yggdrasil is finally also available on picture disc vinyl! Picture disc print of front cover.

Wardrunas music has been used in the popular TV series “Vikings” in which frontman Einar Selvik had a performance.

Winner of Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods “Best Underground Band” in 2014, Nominated for Norwegian Grammy Spellemann in “Export of the year” in 2016.

This is the second release in the Runaljod trilogy by Wardruna presenting all 24 runes from the old Norse alphabet.

Wardruna takes us back to the musical atmospheric roots of the Vikings.

Original, traditional, unique and historical choice of instruments are used, such as primitive deer-hide frame drums, goat horn, trees, rocks, water, fire and more.

Wardruna has grown to become almost like a religion to their fans, resulting in a strong, worldwide, high-consuming and ever-growing customer group reaching through interests like metal, gaming, folk, world music, Norse mythology, yoga/meditation and more.


D1, side A:

  1. Rotlaust tre fell
  2. Fehu
  3. Naudir

D1, side B:

  1. EhwaR
  2. AnsuR
  3. IwaR

D2, side A:

  1. InwaR
  2. Gibu
  3. Solringen

D2, side B:

  1. Sowelu
  2. Helvegen