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The Will To Walk EP LTD Yellow vinyl

DRABANT May 18th 2018
199 NOK

Side A: “The Will To Walk”

Side B: “Bob´s Song”

Anja Garbarek is a Norwegian artist who has, throughout her career, constantly challenged the musical boundaries between pop and art. Since her debut in 1992 she has created and composed new, theatrically expressive music with a rare, rich and profound approach to detail. The subject matter of her music is always based upon the challenges of being

human; our vulnerability and the struggle that we face in our everyday lives.

Anja is a Norwegian Grammy award winner, and is critically acclaimed for her

originality and distinctly pictorial musical universe. This has led to exciting collaborations with artists including Luc Besson, Mark Hollis, Steven Wilson &

Robert Wyatt.

When Anja returns in 2018 with her first new original music since 2005, it is

with a conceptual album and music-based theatrical performance, exploring the experience of being trapped in an emotionally locked life situation and the longing to escape it. The album is entitled "The Road Is Just A Surface" and is due out in September. "The Will To Walk" is the first single from this album, and this 10" yellow vinyl EP, will only

be available as a one-off limited edition (1000 copies worldwide).

Produced by Anja Garbarek and Kåre Chr. Vestrheim