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Yes it's the seventh album. This probably explains the grand label gesture to deliver this album on DVD, it won't play via your CD player but if you've got your DVD player hooked up to your hi-fi you know that's the only way you'll feel the full power of this truly astonishing burnout. For this special concert all new music is delivered, part composed part improv, by Arve Henrikson (trumpet, electronics), Ståle Storløkken (keyboards, electronics), Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Deathprod aka Helge Sten on audio virus, aka knobs, slides and switches. The first two tracks alone take up 40 mins, both starting with the faint gentle flow of patient melody from either Arve's trumpet or Ståle's keyboard. Both these tracks then take an upward turn as Deathprod's noise grain lurches into the soundframe as the drums find their way through the increasingly abstract avenues of sound. The three instruemntalists sound like they are powered by the forces of nature while Deathprod unleashes the electric shocks that send the other members into ever more diverse areas of sound. The music alone in these first two tracks would finish off most bands, it's that intense, no wonder they all seem set to collapse as each performance finishes. 7.3 is a more searching modalesque composition built around Arve's rich harmonius vocalese with the airy keyboard patterns and haunting repetitive motifs before it ventures forth into the unknown. 7.4 centres around the eastern melodies from the solo trumpet, before the other members gradually enter the frame in a tranced out state - I'm tempted to compare this track to Miles's 'In A Silent Way' but considering this is Supersilent comparisons are futile. The rest of the concert continues in more astonishing fashion. The camera work is sublime as well, shot in the blackest of black and white by Kim Hiorthoy, think 'Eraserhead', the fire extinguished only after 1 hour and 48 minutes have passed. Incredible. The concert recorded 16.08.2004 at Parkteatret, Oslo. Truly shocking music from one the worlds most original bands on frightening form.