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The Samuel Jackson 5

DENOVALI Apr 27th 2012

The long awaited fourth album by THE SAMUEL JACKSON FIVE from Norway. This selftitled album is the fourth album by Norwegian instrumental specialists "The Samuel Jackson Five". Having set a high standard with all previous efforts, the new album shows the band from quite a different side. Let's skip to the main new addition right away: Yes, the album has vocals! Truls Heggero (of Lukestar fame) and PÃ¥l AngelskÃ¥r (Minor Majority) - both Norwegian Grammy winners - contribute on one song each on the record, the same does Thomas Bratlie from post-hardcore rockers Rumble in Rhodos, on the aptly titled "Electric Crayons". New addition to the band, Jonny "the Captain" Knutsen also does vocal chores, while the recording process has been carefully overlooked by multi-instrumentalist Thomas Meidell. While SJ5's last effort, "Goodbye Melody Mountain" (2008) was recorded in the wilderness, the brand new album was put together in the middle of Oslo, and includes urban soundtracks like "??skwa (Moscow)" (written in the Russian capitol and features noise from Berlin at night). The band further tries to distance themselves from their post-rock roots, delivering a thoughtfully arranged set of songs - only two of them clocking in at over 5 minutes. There are more traces of JAGA JAZZIST, ARCADE FIRE, YES or even English folk, than Mogwai or GYBE!. There are even influences of the proud Scandinavian piano jazz tradition of JAN JOHANSSON or ESBJÃ-RN SVENSSON. The 40+ minutes will definitely give these Norwegians a bunch of new followers, while challenging the devoted fan base.