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Welcome to Shit City

Jansen Records Sep 07th 2012
99 NOK

By way of the critically acclaimed records God Bless Our Home from 2007 and the self-titled follow-up from 2009, in addition to hundreds of small and large gigs, Shit City has created a name for themselves on the Norwegian music scene. After a few years’ break, during which some of the members became parents, they are finally back with 12 strong rock-, country- and Americana-tunes on their third full-length album, Welcome to Shit City.

Shit City still plays first-rate country rock and Americana, or “Cosmic American Music”, as Gram Parsons would call it. Through the years, many have tried their hand at this genre in Norway, but few, if any, have mastered it quite like the nine guys in Shit City from Lillehammer.

The band started out with names like The Barfin’ Bacalao Brothers and Sounds From The Old Factory, but since the 2007 Spellemann music prize-nominated record, they have been known as Shit City – a name that probably more than just this band claim their copyright on. Since then, they has toured Norway from north to south, with highlights such as Down On The Farm with Gillian Welch and John Paul Jones, via Rockefeller venue in Oslo with Drive-by Truckers, to trips that almost broke up the band. Guitarist and songwriter Morten Lunde recalls:

I remember us getting in the car that took us for a 2080 kilometer drive to and from Nesna in northern Norway, for the Træna festival. The trip that almost tore apart all we had of solidarity and compassion. A hardcore, sociological experiment that ended well, and is amusing to us today. There and then, there were more tears than laughter. Tears, alcohol and Steve Young on the stereo.”

Now, the band is ready to present twelve powerful, cosmic American songs. A little Gram Parsons, a little Allman Brothers Band and a little Grateful Dead, but only in the way that nine guys from Lillehammer can sound.

Welcome to Shit City is recorded at Laidback Studios and Caliban Studios and produced by the band themselves.

Shit City is: Gorm Møller: vocals, guitar Lars Erik Larsen: vocals, bass Jan Erik Kråbøl: vocals, guitar, pedal steel, percussion Kenneth Simonsen: vocals, drums Morten Lunde: vocals, guitar, piano Bjarte Lund Rolland: vocals, piano Simen Jeistad: drums, guitar Bjørn Leine: harmonica Kjetil Teigen: percussion

Tracklist: A 1 Six-stroke Engine (Gorm Møller) 2 Going South (Morten Lunde) 3 Killing Time (Eirik Melström/Shit City/Bjarte Lund Rolland) 4 Golden Tunes (Gorm Møller) 5 Oh, That Feeling (Gorm Møller) 6 Ballad Of Crowbird (Jan Erik Kraabøl/Gorm Møller) B 1 Fly Agaric (Morten Lunde) 2 22/47 (Gorm Møller) 3 It Would Be Rad To Keep That ‘Ol Beast Alive (Morten Lunde) 4 Soon To Be Over (Gorm Møller) 5 N S W (Morten Lunde) 6 Sitting On A Train (Gorm Møller)