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Mørkets Frembrudd

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Here we have, Blodig Alvor and their album, “Mørkets Frembrudd”. In English the band’s name translates to, Bloody Serious. They come from, Aalesund, Norway. The release date for this album is, February 12th 2013 / February 8th in Norway and Austria / February 22nd in Germany. Singer and guitarist Markus den Ouden comments: ”The lyrics are kind of a sum-up of the topics closest to our hearts, and a mixed salad of criticism towards society, the way we live, and other negative emotions and obstacles we encounter in our lives.”Opening up the album we have the intro, Morkets Frembrudd. This is just a little intro to bring in the album, which makes way for the song, Mr. Molotow. This track really has a great groove to it. The main guitar riff is really something you know you’ll have a fun time jamming along with. Start En Revolusjun, this song has a really good polished punk feel to it, a stand out track on the album, simple song structure, yet it allows for some nice lead work. Next up is, Blodig Alvor. This song is full another punk number that will have you jumping around and playing air guitar, as well as belting out, Blodig Alvor as it comes up in the song, it has a nice, classic rock solo to it, very tasteful. Svik is a great number that is very Rock ‘n’ Roll. It definitely flows with the rest of the song, as they seem to have found a formula and stuck with it, it’s a short number, clocking it at just 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Ordets Makt follows and this nothing out of the ordinary now for these guys as, they don’t stray too far from their comfort zone. Likegyldighetens Sovn has an anthem like feel to it, brought courtesy of the full band vocal throughout. The guitar solo adds a nice flavour to the song, as it brings us back to the chorus. Overall, this is a good track. Solgt min Sjel, is another power chord song that keeps to tradition not leaving the box in which they have put themselves.Ending off the album we have, Var Resignasjon which to be is the first of the second half of songs that offers up anything different to the mix. The opening with the bass lends itself to the punk side and is embraced by the guitar. Again another band chant throughout, it was nice to see the bass stand alone again half way through the song. The ending through me for a loop as it ended in a very gentle, relaxing way.In short, if you were to close your eyes and listen to this album, you would hardly note the difference in songs, as they all flow together very well, and stay inside a certain box, until that is the end song in which offers up a nice, slow ending. Another thing that should be noted is, this is the 1st time I’ve ever witnessed a band to feature both the band’s name and the album title in the songs. If this LP were to be stolen, you’d probably want to pick it up again.