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Oslo Janus IV

CONRAD SOUND Jan 01st 2019
119 NOK

Before their final show on the 2018 Australia tour, MoE walks into a classic recording session at Sound Recordings in Campbells Creek, Victoria. A studio dedicated to analog and

vintage recording gear. An environment really not suitable for loud guitars and drums in the same room. A challenging session, both for the engineer as well as the performers.
Nevertheless, the band finishes 10 new tracks in one day, including mixing, before going to Melbourne to wrap up the tour with their friends DEAD!

The music has a loose and aleatoric approach based on what some people would call «head arrangements» or spontaneous orchestration and composition directed on the fly.
The result is something of a mix between jazz, noise, rock and blues, and includes flavours of Captain Beefheart, Ornettte Coleman, James Blood Ulmer, Caspar Brøtzmann, The Shaggs, Sonny Sharrock, Henry Cow, and a whole lot more.

MoEs eagerness to experiment and make music that crosses borders blossoms fully in the Oslo Janus series. This one counts as number 4, and even though they already have been working on several dedicated experimental albums with artists such as Lasse Marhaug, Pinquins and Mette Rasmussen, the two last releases of Oslo Janus is probably the most raw and intuitive music they ever put to disc. What the next move in this series is, is hard to predict.
Not unlike bands like Sonic Youth, MoEs catalog is getting big and wide with tentacles leading into countless collaborations and genres. Being a independent band that only follows their inner creativity, this is another record for the hardcore listener.